The most important thing is that after a good party you might still enjoy memorable moments imprinted on paper. It is not only about the quality of the photos, but also funny shots, on which all guests are relaxed and feel free to enjoy the pleasantly spent time. Not everyone, however, feels at ease in the crowd of people and, in addition, in front of the camera lens. Not every photographer is able to move silently between guests, taking off funny shots passing by them. So if you want to get back to memories of the party using funny photos, it’s best to rent an inflatable photo booth. Creating a place isolated from people, where you can make the craziest faces and take the most bizarre poses, will certainly embolden even those guests who always say that they are not very photogenic. After all, you can enter a photo booth with a pack of your best friends, and then, when you feel more comfortable, you can let the atmosphere of general cheerfulness fill you up.

Photo booth – bundle

Time2h3h4hprice is negotiable
Price599zł699zł799złprice is negotiable
LED cabin+100zł +100zł +100zł +100zł
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– print customization,
– gadgets stand,
– gallery,
– unlimited photos,
– assistant,
– any desired photo format,
– photo background
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Delivery up to 30km from Poznań is free. Outside this area – 1,5zł/km.

Photo booth for a wedding

Do you want to surprise your wedding guests? You have no idea what to prepare for them? We advise – rent a photo booth for a wedding party! You certainly won’t regret your decision. It’s up to you for how long you decide to rent a photo booth – an hour, two, three or maybe more? In Air Photobooth you can set all the details concerning availability of the photo booth.

In the set you will receive, among others, personalized photo prints, a stand with gadgets and unlimited photos. Thanks to this, the photos will be unique and magical. The photo booth will provide a lot of fun for all guests and will bring huge smiles on their faces. Adults, children, even older people, e.g. grandparents, will be happy to use it. A large number of gadgets guarantees that everyone will find their original styling. Everyone dreams of having blue or orange hair or looking at the world through pink glasses at least once in their life.

Inflatable photo cabin – a great attraction at any party

A party photo booth will be useful at every party. It is not true that these types of attractions prove themselves only at crazy corporate integration events or proms. The age of the participants does not matter, nor does the nature of the meeting. A photo booth sweetens up informal meetings and breaks the ice during more formal ones. It inspires to make friends  not only behind the table and on the dance floor, but also in front of automatic photo taking machines equipped with a touch screen, digital camera and printer. As soon as party people notice how easy it is to take pictures and how fun it is to document the event on their own, there is no end to it. Taking photos in a photo booth is much more attractive than tedious posing or constant tension that we can always be within the range of a professional photographer’ lens.

Photos from the photo booth can be a fun memento

If we want to come back to pictures of family or company events with sentiment and smile, they cannot be photographs taken forcedly. Photo booth gives us opportunity to document  fun in an unusual way. The memento will always remain in our archives to remind us of crazy fun after many years. Excellent quality of photos enables great perseverance of colour and brightnes so that after many years you would reach for them with pleasure and it would easier to remember and recreate all the fun events. Integration trips, bachelorette parties or proms are often such an intense experience that if it wasn’t for Air Photobooth – there would be no memories of them! In the heat of fun, we forget about documenting it in a different way than uploading reports or photos on social media. A photo booth is a chance for traditional, printed and private pictures. Photos from the booth can be a funny memento we will return to after years of genuine  sentiment.

Do you need a photo booth for a party? We will reach everywhere!

Do not look for excuses. “The party is  in a remote area, no one will reach so far from Poznań”. It is not true!  We will provide you with an inflatable photo booth  anywhere in Poland. Our company is located in Poznań. Every day we send photo booths and Selfie Mirrors from our headquarters to customers in Poland and the European Union countries. Some of them are rented for events. Our primary area of expertise is  manufacturing  and selling equipment. Air Photoboots are easy to transport and  unfold. Perfectly secured, they will reach anywhere you want to organize a party, prom, family celebration or company event.

A party photo booth is a perfect solution for outdoor games, conferences, multi-generational family meetings. In any case, it creates a relaxing atmosphere and establishes meaningful relationships with people. Mementos in the form of photos will always remain in our archives and will remind you that despite the passage of years, we still like to have fun and value time spent with friends. Renting a photo booth is the best we can do when we want all our guests to feel the atmosphere of great unfettered fun.