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Air Photobooth - reliable manufacturer of air photo booths

Air Photobooth is a pioneering company specializing in production of modern and designer photo booths and Selfie Mirrors. Innovative solutions, the best materials, elegant designs and modern technology make its products a reliable and solid brand that gives their customers full satisfaction. Air Photobooth is a great attraction that will enrich every party or event by giving its users crazy memories captured on photo paper. The use of the latest computer and photographic technologies guarantees the best quality in the form of perfect photos. Innovative design and interesting solutions make the inflatable photo booth an important and unforgettable event point. Photo booths are also a great idea for your own business.

How do photo booths work?

An inflatable photo booth is an attractive and eye-catching construction. The inflatable photo booth cabin was made of excellent Oxford Cloth material. The whole is enriched with extremely effective LED lighting, which, due to the control function and lighting programs can be changed in any color (available color palette: white, red, pink, purple, blue, green, yellow). The whole makes a private space where you can take the craziest photos that are a great memento of wonderful moments spent with friends. The heart of the blown structure is the photo booth itself - a device for taking pictures. Inside, the device is based on modern technology, which consists of a touch screen equipped with an IR touch cover - resistant to scratches and mechanical damage. The minicomputer has a convenient and user-friendly interface. Taking pictures in an Air Photobooth is pure professionalism since it uses a high-class camera, i.e. a DSLR camera of a reputable Canon brand - model 1300 D - equipped with an 18-55 IS lens. The whole structure is lit up by flash lighting selected for each model. The prints are made by a high-quality DNP DS-RX1 HS (high speed) dye-sublimation printer, which is able to print 700 10 × 15 photos at a time (1400 5 × 15 stripes). To take a picture, all you need to do is perform a few simple steps. The user guide will take you through the simple and intuitive software. The guests of each event will be delighted with the possibilities and appearance of our photo booths that will make every event more enjoyable - from weddings and proms, through company or promotional events to festivals and many other events.


Inflatable photo booths are unique, designer and modern constructions that combine a perfect and attractive appearance with the use of technologically advanced devices. This contributes to multi-level user satisfaction. First of all, the inflatable photo booth looks perfect in any space, while the latest techniques used in them allow you to take excellent quality photographs. Those photos will be a unique memento of the event you attend. Air Photobooth is a product that can be fully adapted to customer requirements. Choice of photo type (color, black and white), personalized photo layout and photo branding (selection of print frames and layouts on the strip, background, captions, company logo), selection of an additional fisheye lens, or the ability to directly upload photos to portals social (Facebook) make our offer so irresistible. All this and much more is available for Air Photobooth customers. What's more, the booth can be tailored to the customer by covering it with advertising foil according to the guidelines or adjusting the required dimensions.

An unforgettable party with Air Photobooth accessories

Air Photobooth is also a number of other variants of devices that increase the attractiveness of the event. The company offers modern inflatable photo cabins, Selfie Mirror and Selfie Mirror Ring type photo booths, LED blown walls or LED Dance Floor. They are available at good prices for rent or sale.