Are you looking for an original idea to make your event more attractive? If you think that everything has already been done – it’s time to check the Selfie Mirror. The magic mirror is an absolute novelty in the category of party surprises. It will perfectly match both a corporate event and any occasional or themed party. What is it, how does it work and how can it be rented?

Fotolustro Selfie Mirror 60"

Selfie Mirror – bundle

Time2h3h4hprice is negotiable
Price899zł1099zł1299złprice is negotiable
LED cabin+100zł +100zł +100zł +100zł
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– print customization,
– gadgets stand,
– gallery,
– unlimited photos,
– assistant,
– any desired photo format,
– photo background
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Delivery up to 30km from Poznań is free. Outside this area – 1,5zł/km.

What is a Selfie mirror?

One of the most desirable attractions in recent years at various types of events are photo booths. The vast majority of us had the opportunity to take a photo of ourselves or with friends in such a mobile vending machine, equipped with a touch screen, digital camera and high-quality, dye-sublimation printer, thanks to which party people can enjoy the effects of a photo booth session in just a few seconds. An indispensable element of this attraction are, of course, funny gadgets (usually on sticks), which additionally diversify the use of machine.

Selfie Mirror is  an innovative version of a photo booth. Mirror taking photos? Yes! It is the same machine as in traditional photo booths, but enclosed within an elegant, large mirror. Selfie Mirror has been equipped with a high-quality, intuitive touch screen and digital camera as well as a dye-sublimation printer that prints photos on professional photo paper. Looking in the mirror we can take a picture of ourselves. This is probably the most convenient and easiest way to get perfect photo session effects. The whole is complemented by beautiful colorful animations and a voice-over. The magic mirror takes a series of four photos, which are then printed in less than a minute. Sounds fantastic and that’s the way it is!

Selfie mirror features

What are the most desirable features of this original mirror? In addition to immediate photo printing on photo paper – all photos are saved in GIF and Mp4 format, so you can later play them in electronic version, save them in the selected format or transfer to any storage medium. Each Selfie Mirror can be further personalized by signing photos and creating any layouts or branding.

Selfie Mirror will be an amazing attraction at any party

A magic mirror in a golden or silver frame, with a 50 or 60-inch sheet makes a great impression on guests. This is an absolute novelty on the market of party attractions, which produces the “WOW effect”. Selfie Mirror is a mirror you can get along with. Simple and intuitive menu will guide the guests through the process of taking professional selfies, and the beautiful animations will diversify them to the maximum and make the smile appear on the faces of photographed people. What about a round Selfie Mirror? The first Selfie Mirror Ring in Poland is a mirror with a diameter of up to 85 cm with elegant circle-shaped lighting. The unique accesories will allow us to create great combinations with magic mirrors: decorative bollards and blown LED walls (both available in silver and gold plus  the LED wall in white).

Selfie Mirror 50″ i 60″ white, Selfie Mirror 60″ black
LED walls: white, silver, golden
Barrier posts: golden and silver